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Kit de Herramientas Jensen JTK-2001Z



Maleta con herramientas para servicio electromecanico

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Xcelite 36B910 NUTDRIVER BLADE 5/16"
Jensen Tools 74701 Adjustable Wrench, 6", 1" Jaw Opening
Xcelite 36B911 NUTDRIVER BLADE 11/32"
Jensen Tools 185B035 807SXU Slotted/Phillips Ratchet Driver
Xcelite 36B912 NUTDRIVER BLADE 3/8"
Jensen Tools 960114 2-in-1 Screwdriver
Xcelite 36B914 NUTDRIVER BLADE 7/16"
Jensen Tools 1-002/4008 Thin Nose Diagonal Cutters 4-3/8" Long
Xcelite 36B916 NUTDRIVER BLADE 1/2"
Jensen Tools 1-004/4016 Thin Needle Nose Pliers 6" Long
General 305ME RULE 6"
Jensen Tools 1-005/5002 Diagonal Cutting Pliers 5-1/4" Long
Moody 55-0208 Jeweler's Screwdriver Set, 7 pc.
Jensen Tools 1-007/4024 Miniature Chain Nose Pliers 4-7/8" Long
Jensen Tools 45-2785 Deluxe Stranded Wire Stripper 16-26 AWG
Jensen Tools 13.166 Silver Penlight (AAA Batteries)
Jensen Tools J4167JTR Single Soft Sided Black Tool Case
Stanley 33-215 Powerlock Tape, 12'/3.5m
Jensen Tools 07-00-006096 Top Pallet F/ JTK-2001  17.75 x 12.75"
Jensen Tools TWZ-935.00-J Reverse-Action Tweezer
Jensen Tools 07-00-006097 Bottom Pallet f/ JTK-2001  17.75 x 12.75"
Jensen Tools 175S Serrated Blade Strip Jaw Scissors
Jensen Tools 2900/JEN Electrician's Knife/Driver
OK Industries EX1 DIP Extractor for 8 to 24 pin narrow chips
C.K. T2371 PLCC Extractor with Electro-static Dissipative Handles
Jensen Tools 1-008 / G269P-NP 5" Long Groove Joint Pliers with 1/2" Capacity
Flambeau 5128CL Parts Box with 6 Compartments, 7 x 4 x 1-1/16"
Jensen Tools G262P-NP Slip Joint Pliers, 6-1/2", 1-5/16" Jaw Opening
Jensen Tools 501S W/BOX 14-pc. 1/4" Drive Inch Socket Set
Aven 32226 Mirror, Magnet, 5-19",
Jensen Tools 9J64109J Phillips Screwdriver, #1 Tip, 6" Blade, 9-5/8" Overall, Regular Style
Ullman DE-1 Double-Ended Nylon Screw Starter, 9"
Jensen Tools 9J64130J #0 Phillips Screwdriver - Pocket Clip Style
Jensen Tools 46E61 Inch Stripper/Cutter/Crimper
Jensen Tools 9J66188J 3/16" Slotted Screwdriver - Regular Style
Euro Tool FIL-995-21 #2 CVT ROUND FILE NEEDLE          HK
Jensen Tools 9J66164J 1/4" Slotted Screwdriver - Regular Style
Euro Tool FIL-995-26 #2 CVT 3 SQR FILE NEEDLE          HK
Jensen Tools 9J66118J 1/8" Slotted Screwdriver - Regular Style
Jensen Tools 9J64102J Phillips Screwdriver, #2 Tip, 4" Blade, 8-1/2" Overall, Regular Style
M81969/1-02 Insert Extract tool #20 red M81969/1-02
Jensen Tools 9J66102J 3/32" Slotted Screwdriver - Pocket Clip Style
Vise Grip 5WR 5" Curved Jaw Locking Pliers with Cutter
Jensen Tools 9J66166J 5/16" Slotted Scewdriver - Regular Style
SCS 2272 Wrist Strap with 5 ft. Coiled Cord
Jensen Tools 36B901 HANDLE 4 1/8"
Xcelite 36B905 Extension, 4
Xcelite 36B906 NUTDRIVER BLADE 3/16
Xcelite 36B907 NUTDRIVER BLADE 7/32"
Xcelite 36B908 NUTDRIVER BLADE 1/4"
Bondhus 10932 L-Key Set, Balldriver 8 pc, .050 thru 5/32"
Xcelite 36B909 NUTDRIVER BLADE 9/32"